Hey everyone,
it feels like the minimalistic style has been all over since Chanel's little black dress. Nowadays almost every girl has at least one black or white piece in their closet wether it is a basic white shirt, a classic black jeans or a white blouse to name some of the most popular basics. Black and white can look classic chique or cool and trendy. If you'd take a glimpse into my closet you could see that I don't only have one or two black and white pieces but that those colours more or less define my wardrobe. Even though I love colours and some of them are quite easy to style as well I feel like black and white pieces are just the most convertible and easy to combinate. When it comes to shoes I almost always go for a black or a white pair and feel really brave when I go for some colour.



Hey everyone,
a wonderful weekend has come to an end and so much has happened that I could tell you about as you may have seen on my Instagram and as you will see on the photos that are still to come. One of my favorite things this weekend was a hiking trip I did with my parents on Saturday though. To be honest we weren't hiking for that long but it was still enough to get to enjoy nature and detox from all the stress. As you may have read in my first post from Laghi di Fusine, which you can find here, I never thought I would be much of a hiking person but whenever I went on even the smallest hiking tours I actually really enjoyed it. Even though it can get a bit exhausting it is totally worth a try.



Hello everyone,
every season there are new trend colours and every season we can decide to stick to them or just wear whatever coulours we like best. Often those who aren't even interested in fashion don't have any chance to overlook the colour like this season due to the sudden mass of pieces in a certain colour from almost every brand and every store. This season I don't think you could not notice how all of a sudden there were much more yellow shirt, dresses, blouses etc. in every store, just like someone decided to sprinkle a quite huge amount of that colour all over the shop. Yellow has never really been a colour I felt really drawn to even though it's not only a trendcolour this year but has made it into the trends many times before. This year I somehow got a different feeling about yellow though and actually wanted to try something new.



Hey everyone,
there are plenty of moments when boredom comes over us because we have to much free time and there are other times when we don't even know what to do first from our list. Just like we have to think about what we want to spend our money on we gotta think about what we wanna spend our time doing. There are always the basic things like work and social life. For most of us it is hard enough to find a balance between those two things but sometimes those parts can't even really be seperated. Everyone has a different priority but with more and more time going by we can get better at balancing things and become more realxed when we have to many things to do.



Hey everyone,
this weeks post is a very special one because this week is my blogs one year anniversary. Whoop whoop!! It's so crazy that I can't even put it into words. I uploaded my first post here on the 28th of June last year. I wanted to create a place where I would be able to do what I love, which is writing about fashion, lifestyle and traveling, connecting with other people and being able to inspire others with what I do. Blogging for a whole year has always been my goal. I wanted to have something to be proud of and I feel that after this one year I can be proud of what this blog has become. For this post I would now like to tell you about some of the lessons that I learned through this one year of being a blogger.



Hey everyone,
there are so many things that we know of that make us happy. It's when friends come to visit you (which was the case for me last weekend) or when you do something you love that you just can't help but smile about how well everything is going. Those are just some of the things that make us happy though and we can't be around people we love all of the time or do what we love the most but there are also little things in life that make us happy. We often just don't even realize that. Whether it's coffee on a rainy morning or a random person smiling at you there are so many little things that can make us smile if we let them.



Hey everyone,
sneakers have been around for quite some time and by that I mean a really long time, if you've ever looked at my other blogposts or my Instagram you will have seen that I'm a huge sneaker person. They are without doubt the most comfortable shoes to walk around in and you can do everything in them, wether you feel like you gotta climb some tree or just walk around for long periods of time. In the last couple of years I feel like the typical sneaker has gotten some new competitor. Just the way sport leggings were all of a sudden in almost everyones everyday wardrobe gym shoes seem to have made their way out of the fitness section. There are plenty of photos on Instagram and other social media where people walk around in gym wear inspired outfits without actually going to the gym. So let's talk about this trend to wear fitness gear in everyday life.